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Balanced Scorecard

“Set and Track Business Health”

Measure health of the business in 5 key areas - Product, Customer, Financials, Operations and Market Development.

Business Overview

“Gain 360° View of Organizational Performance”

Review high level performance of key business areas to gain insights and identify growth opportunities for both Franchisors and Franchisees.

Financial Overview

“Deliver Shareholder Value”

Provide actionable, in-depth financial insights to enable all levels of organizations - from Executives to Analysts to make profitable decisions.

Development Overview

“Manage an Effective Real Estate Strategy”

Track performance of new and existing restaurants on attributes (type and characteristics) and In-depth evaluation of development pipeline.

Sales Analytics

“Stay Connected To The Pulse Of The Business”

Analyze Sales, Transactions and Guest Check across multiple brands and geographies to gain competitive advantage.

Menu Analytics

“Understand Menu Dynamics”

Analyze menu performance by product attributes and gain rich insights on mix, basket type and product association, cannibalization and margins.

Promotions Analytics

“Measure Promotional Effectiveness”

Evaluate overall lift, correlation and cannibalization of current promotions to find answer to the following question: To Enhance, To Extend or To Exit?”

Customer Analytics

“Understand & Influence Customer Buying Behavior”

Maximize the impact of targeted marketing of desired customer groups to widen base, increase spends and frequency of visits.

Brand Image Tracker

“Monitor & Accelerate The Health Of The Brand”

Detailed analytics on Brand Image Tracker to understand and influence awareness, usage, perception and purchase intent.

Customer Feedback

“Improve Customer Experience On and Off Premise”

Analyze customer feedback to improve products and services and identify potential opportunities for enhanced customer loyalty.

eCommerce Analytics

“Grow Online Business”

Unlock and deep dive into ecommerce analytics to boost sales and enhance profitability.

Google Analytics

“Understand Customer Journey Trends On your Website”

Analyze effectiveness of the online experience to enhance customer engagement and maximize through put.

Social Media Analytics

“Measure The Pulse Of Social Sentiment and Maximize Social ROI”

Integrate social and business data to make smarter marketing decisions and optimize returns on investment on social media spends.

Operations Analysis

“Deliver Quality Guest Experience Every Time “

Analyze and track restaurant operations KPI’s and consistently deliver high customer experience every time through maintaining operational systems and standards in every restaurant.

Food Safety Analysis

“Deliver Consistent Food Safety, Quality and Compliance”

Measure and analyze food safety metrics that matter and drill down into the details to ensure compliance to standards and regulations.